Hospitality is the cornerstone of Every Child. Volunteers embody this each and every day with Every Child.

Every Child focuses on meeting tangible needs for children in foster care and families in Oregon communities. Opportunities differ from county to county.

Tangible Needs

Goods or services that directly support children in foster care, families, and DHS staff. Signature opportunities include:

Welcome Boxes

provide children in foster care with special items while sitting in a DHS office.

Launch Boxes

assist youth who are aging out of foster care with items to help them get on their feet.

Emergency Needs

from DHS are shared with community members to better support children in foster care.


Service Opportunities

One-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities to generously support children in foster care, families and DHS staff. Signature opportunities include:

Office Buddies

spend time with a child at the DHS office when he or she is being taken into foster care and is awaiting placement.


volunteers provide a monthly four-hour break for foster parents while building consistent relationships with children in foster care.


volunteers drive children in foster care to their visits with biological parents.

Service Projects

at DHS offices include makeovers, clothing closet creation, cleaning days, and more.

DHS Staff Appreciation

events express gratitude to the individuals who’ve committed their lives to caring for children and families in crisis in our community.

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